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I created ICYMI as a resource for creators and marketers to keep track of news, tech updates and industry trends so they can make informed business decisions.

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This newsletter is geared toward solo-preneurs, social media managers and independent creators without big teams to support them. But the information and insights are relevant to anyone working online who needs a quick and easy recap of what's happening on social.

ICYMI’s Impact:

This is one of my favorite notes from someone describing how ICYMI has helped them at work:

“I've been following your Instagram and receiving your newsletters for quite a bit, and just wanted to reach out and let you know that I *love* and greatly value the perspectives you offer on the creator economy. In my most recent role at [redacted], I was largely focused on amplifying creator voices in paid and editorial opportunities, and your insights, opinions and feedback on social platforms' approaches and features often educated my own strategy and actions around creator engagement.”

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